Sell my property

Sell my property


Thanks to our expertise in real estate investment and our bespoke advices, we enable our clients owners, to best value their property. From the personalised commercialisation and marketing strategy to the advertising of your property, nothing is left to chance to ensure an effective sale in all discretion.

We provide comprehensive, tailor-made services for the sale of real estate assets.

Whether it is a building or a PPE lot, our market knowledge allows us to achieve your objectives through our actions and advice:

- Valuation of your property by our experts according to an intrinsic study and the determination of the rental value

- Definition of a personalised sales and marketing strategy to showcase your property

- Targeted distribution to our customers for effective networking

- Management of the sales process and support until the signature at the notary's office

A word from our expert

« We provide you with investment market knowledge, and give priority to personalised support, with a single and dedicated adviser. Our expertise will help identify the best buyer profiles for your property. »

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