Sale of a residential building with 20 apartments - Geneva

06 March, 2021 / References

Asking price

6 - 15 MIO

Sales price

6 - 15 MIO

Duration of commercialisation
2 months


Commercialisation through tendering allowed to keep a rythm and to obtain the best price for the client.

The building: Designed by architects Bovy & Reverdin, with a simple facade and ornamental sculptures surmounting its entrance, this building was built between 1930 and 1933. The rear of the building opens onto a large courtyard and has access to a small garden. It is part of a homogeneous residential complex that characterises Rue Caroline. The building has 20 apartments spread over 5 above ground levels. It also has unfurbished attics and cellars for each flat in the basement.

As the client wished to sell the property to the highest bidder, we set up a commercialisation in the form of a call for tenders. When receiving the offers, we selected the most competitive ones and invited them to participate in a second round. The sales price exceeded the displayed asking price.

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