Sale of a residential building - Geneva

23 April, 2021 / References

Asking price

+ 15 MIO

Sales price

+ 15 MIO

Gross yield

Standard, with displayed price

Duration of commercialisation
4 months


The risk of a real estate asset does not only depend on its allocation but also on the type of housing or surfaces present, as well as its geographical location.

Geneva Petit-Saconnex

The building: As part of the Tourelle complexe, which has nearly a thousand housings, it was built in the second half of the 1960s on a five-hectare plot by the architects Georges Brera, Paul Waltenspühl, Georges Berthoud, Oscar and Claire Rufer. Renovated in 2015, the building has nine floors on the ground floor and two basement levels. The Tourelle residence is connected to the CAD (district heating) provided by the SIG.

We conducted a marketing campaign with qualified investors, after having established a complete documentary base by obtaining information from the property manager and microfilmed plans from the Technical Department - Republic and Canton of Geneva. At the same time, our department carried out a market study to ensure that the target rents could be achieved.

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