Sale of a residential building - Fribourg

08 March, 2021 / References

Asking price

0 - 5 MIO

Sales price

6 - 15 MIO

Gross yield

Two-stage tendering

Duration of commercialisation
3 months


Offering an investment property outside the investors' preferred geographical area requires seamless commercialisation.

The building: Located on the left bank of the Sarine, the building overlooks the city of Fribourg. Built in 1964 and renovated in 1995, it consists of two entrances and 4 levels on the ground floor. The complex has 20 apartments with 75 rooms and 1,780m² of rental space.
Naef Investment & Commercial was mandated to sell the residential property. The sale was organised as a two-stage tender. The first month non-binding letters of intent were collected, followed the next month by firm offers. By the end of the third month, the sale was signed with a price higher than the initial asking price.

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