Sale of a mixed-use building - Vaud

08 March, 2021 / References

Asking price

0 - 5 MIO

Sales price

0 - 5 MIO

Gross yield

Standard, with displayed price

Type of property
Mixed-use building

Duration of commercialisation
6 months


The complete establishment of the leases and the rental statement was an essential step in the sale process.

Mixed-use building of 3 levels including 2 above ground (ECA volume 6,863 m³, surface according to ECA 1,319m²) built in 1990 on a plot of 2,044 m².

The property is located in a artisanal zone near the centre of Gland. It consists of 7 lots and an outdoor car park with around 20 spaces.

The owners have tried to sell the building for several years without success.

After analysis of the file, the leases were non-compliant or missing and the owners had no accounting records.

They could therefore not demonstrate that the income from the building was stable and that the economic situation of the building was healthy and recurring.

The property was managed by the owner and over time tenants took possession of common areas that were not assigned to them (stairwell, basement, parking).

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